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A multi-part documentary series that follows different narratives and themes of 21st century Vermont.

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Deadline: Jul 31, 2018
Total needed: $5,000


MacPherson "Mac" Christopher, 2018, Environmental History, Peru VT, USA. 


What is the inspiration for your project?: 

My interest in this project comes from my goal to document pressing 21st century non-fiction narratives. Then, I started to think about how many interesting storylines there are in my home state of Vermont, and there has not been much visual (video) coverage of many of these narratives and topics.

I hope to highlight the following stories in the series: 

Total Loss Farm: a extended documentary on commune life in Vermont.

Untitled: a vignette series on minority narratives in Vermont.

Syrup, Cheese & Beer: a vignette series on Vermont, value-added, products.

Three Farms: a vignette series on innovative agriculture on Vermont farms.

Mountainbike Afghanistan: Documentary coverage of Farid Noori, a Middlebury student who has aspirations to be the first professional mountain-biker from Afghanistan. (See Farid’s MiddSTART page here)

Lyme: a documentary short on Lyme disease in Vermont (and the United States).

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