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Our goal is to create new theatre that is both artistically breathtaking and socially relevant in New York, through a venue that will not only involve current Middlebury students in a vital way, but also give them a step up in the ever more competitive New York theatrical industry.

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Deadline: Jul 31, 2013
Total needed: $2,000


On The Brink
Noah Berman ’13 Theatre Newton, MA
Stephen Mrowiec ’13 History /Theatre Chicago, IL
Charles Giardina ’12 Theatre and Economics minor New York, NY


On The Brink new

We are three friends, two current Middlebury seniors and one alumnus, who have created a theatrical production company, On the Brink Productions. The work we plan to perform this summer is a four-person play called Harriman-Baines, a dark look into the world of loneliness and the illusions humans embrace to protect themselves from it.

Our goal is to create new, artistically challenging theatre while promoting the Middlebury community that we have grown to know and love.  In order to reach our goal, we have set ourselves a budget of $4000, which will allow us to focus heavily on the artistry without having to worry about monetary shortfalls.  The funds we raise through MiddSTART would go towards application and participation fees, rehearsal space, advertising & marketing, costumes, properties, and stipends for our student and alumni collaborators who cannot afford to work without compensation.

We are very pleased to announce that we have accepted a slot in the prestigious DreamUp Festival, run out the Theatre for a New City.  We have received overwhelming excitement from both current students and recent alumni, many of whom have already agreed to help us mount our vision.  Amongst recent graduates, we have recruited Michaela Lieberman ’10.5; Ryan Bates ’11 who is currently an Scenic Design MFA student at Boston University; Heather Pynne ’11 who is pursuing a career in Lighting Design at the Alliance Theatre in Atlanta; Annie Ulrich ’13; and Denise Hofmann ’11, who is currently studying Music Composition at Mannes College: The New School and writing an original score for the production. The show will also feature costume design of current student, Krista Duke ’17.

The competition in the New York Theatre scene is steep for recent Middlebury graduates, as they are competing against students who graduated from conservatories with much more name recognition.  The opportunity to learn practical lessons is invaluable, and the first credit is widely regarded in the theatre community as the hardest to acquire.

For many, however, these first projects are prohibitively expensive. This is where MiddSTART can help us continue our education.  With MiddSTART’s support, our show will be performed at DreamUp, a widely renowned festival, and will give us and many others exactly that unique opportunity graduates in the theatre need to succeed.

Any donations that you are able to give are mightily appreciated.  This is a large undertaking, particularly for such recent college graduates, and any help that we can get is going to be integral to our final product.  With your help we will put up a fantastic production, we will provide a practical, collaborative and creative experience for Middlebury students and alums, and we will promote our Middlebury community far from the green mountains of Vermont.

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  1. On the Brink says:

    We are very excited to announce that, as of this Monday, we have accepted a slot in Theatre for a New City’s summer Dream Up Festival! That means that our play will be going up between 4 and 7 times during the run of the Festival, August 18th-September 8th. Thank you so much everyone who has donated so far, and for anyone who is–ahem–on the brink as to whether or not they should, if you would consider making a donation, no matter how small, we would be extremely grateful. Every little bit helps!


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