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“We the People” is a documentary film project on the distinct “American” experiences of the 21st century. Following the journey of “Delilah”-a 1985 VW Westfalia-to the far reaches of the nation, “We the People” will show vignette pieces on individuals and the places in which they call home. The project hopes to break through the echo-chambers and show a face and pulse to the unique lives of the United States.

Within a period of great divide, “We the People” will focus on the individual and the physical space that exists between these character narratives. However, an underlying theme will be the common ground of resiliency, quirk, and hope that may have the power to unite us, or at the very least, connect us.

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Dollars Raised: 77%

Funding Details

Deadline: Jun 20, 2017
Total needed: $3,000


Project Goal: 

“We the People” hopes to spark communication among viewers while also inspiring Middlebury students to pursue goals in non-fiction storytelling.


This past fall, I worked at the General Store across the street from my home in Peru, Vermont. With the drama of the presidential election unfolding, I would hear a constant flow of opinions as I resupplied coffee and comestibles. During this time, I was reading the non-fiction book “Working” by Studs Terkel, which is a collection of interviews from different working experiences, ranging from the stockbroker to the steelworker. The power of this book is the commonality amongst each story and how there are “human” factors that bind us, even when we seem so dissimilar and divided. Subsequently, I had the idea of using film to portray the vastly unique experiences at play while also showing the thread of unity that is present if we choose to look for it.

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