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The objective of Two Touches is to provide kids in Ghana with soccer balls, replacing the balled up tin can or other homemade ball they are using. The funds I receive from MiddSTART will help pay to design and manufacture 250 soccer balls with Two Touches logo. With these balls, I plan to implement a one-for-one model, in which each ball sold in the US will pay for a ball that will be sent to to a child in Ghana.

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Dollars Raised: 103%

Funding Details

Deadline: Dec 31, 2011
Total needed: $1,875


Jack Clancy '14
International Politics and Economics
Minneapolis, Minnesota


Two summers ago I had a chance to travel to Ghana. I knew that Ghanaians, like me, are crazy about soccer. I collected 45 balls from friends and teammates to bring with me. Everywhere I went I brought a soccer ball and left it with the kids I met, replacing the balled up trash or tin can they had previously been using. I will never forget the joy in those kids’ faces. When I came back to the US, I wanted to continue making these kids happy; that is why I started Two Touches.

In soccer, Two Touches refers to the number of times a player will touch the ball when receiving a pass and then giving one. The name conveys the impact that giving a soccer ball has on both the giver and the receiver. Two Touches has been operating since June 2009 and so far has sent 650 balls to schools in Ghana through our partner organization, Hope for the City. Currently, Two Touches collects new and used soccer balls from manufacturers, clubs, and individuals and distributes them to impoverished children in Africa. A $10,000 donation from Best Buy has helped with the purchase and shipment of balls for these schools.

To make the organization more self-sustaining, my goal is to use the MiddSTART funding to create a line of Two Touches soccer balls. Once created, these balls will be sold in the United States under a “one-for-one” model; each ball purchased will pay for a ball that will be sent to a child in Ghana, Ecuador, India, or other countries with a passion for soccer. By selling balls with the Two Touches logo, we will help raise revenue without having to rely on donations.

In the future, I hope to distribute Two Touches soccer balls through existing young adult study abroad and gap year programs. These young Americans go to every corner of the globe, working with communities and kids living in impoverished conditions. The students will take soccer balls and distribute them to children within those communities. Your support through MiddSTART will help Two Touches to further realize its many goals.

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  1. MariAnn says:

    posted on behalf of Jack —

    I have really appreciated the help from MiddSTART. This summer I will be putting the funds that I received to action, as I cannot enact my plan at school, and am very excited about it. I think Two Touches will continue to grow as a result of MiddSTART. I will report after I have news from the coming months. Once again thank you very much and I can’t wait to work on Two Touches again this summer.

  2. Jack Clancy says:

    Hello all-

    I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the Two Touches mission so far, I am thrilled with the support we have received! I also thought I would give a little update as some exciting things are in the works for the organization. In the next couple months we will be sending 500+ “indestructible soccer balls” (http://www.oneworldfutbol.com/) to schools in Ghana and other African nations with the help of our partner, Hope for the City (http://www.hopeforthecity.net/). However, simply sending these balls will not satisfy the mission of Two Touches, so we have been working to develop ways in which not only do we provide soccer balls for kids around the world, but also allow youth from the first world to broaden their horizons by witnessing the power a soccer ball can have among children in developing nations. I will continue to update the page with any news, and again, thanks everyone!



  3. Benjamin says:

    I am from class 99.5 and now live in thailand. I am in manufacturing and there is a lot of soccer ball
    production including world cup balls. If you need help locating good manufacturing let me know and
    maybe I can help you find right factory

  4. Shalyn says:

    I totally support this – when I was in Ghana for J-term we used to bring our kids soccer balls, and we would play with them all the time – they loved it! Good luck!

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