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Every year since 1981, the members of the senior class have honored their time at Middlebury by making a gift to the college. This year’s senior class has voted on a fund for abroad experiences. The fund will provide stipends for Middlebury College undergraduates to pursue experiential learning opportunities abroad, including but not limited to unpaid internships, volunteer work, and externships.

Our goal is to have at least 75% of our class make a gift and to raise $12,000. Our primary focus is participation knowing that gifts of all sizes will help us reach our goals. We encourage you to consider a gift of $20.15 in honor of our class.
With the help of alumni, parents, and friends we hope to raise $100,000 to endow our fund so that it can continue to benefits students and their experiences abroad for decades to come.

Please consider making a gift to support current and future Middlebury students and their experiences abroad.

A student gift of $100 or more qualifies you for Middlebury’s 1800 Society at the Panther Society level. All student gifts of $20.15 or more will receive our class pint glass.

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Dollars Raised: 74%

Funding Details

Deadline: Jun 20, 2015
Total needed: $100,000


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    Hey MAltees,

    Would you like to buy a MAlt Shirt (tank) to show off your MAlt swag and support! 🙂
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  2. 2015 says:

    how the hell are these pictures relevant or representative of the class of 2015? so fucking dumb

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