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Thanks to your support we had the tools we needed to build the house; we were able to fit it with a high-efficiency refrigerator; we brought it home to Middlebury from the National Mall in D.C. and we have now made it a permanent feature on the Middlebury campus.

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Dollars Raised: 100%

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Deadline: Feb 28, 2012
Total needed: $12,000




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Take a tour of the the Middlebury team's house in this video, which helped the team win first place in the international competition's communications category.

The house uses a geothermal heat pump to provide central heating and cooling. Called a geothermal boring, the design takes advantage of moderate temperatures in the ground by using a closed loop field composed of pipes that run vertically in the ground. Holes between 75 and 500 feet deep are bored. Pipe pairs in the hole are joined with a U-shaped cross connector at the bottom of the hole. The borehole is commonly filled with a bentonite grout surrounding the pipe to provide a thermal connection to the surrounding soil or rock to improve the heat transfer.

3 Responses to “Solar Decathlon 2011: Multiple Projects”

  1. jo bahn : 63 says:

    The house is very attractive and functional. It certainly does deserve a home on the Middlebury campus.

  2. Yvonne C. Moody '58 says:

    I am SOOO proud of my college! I put up with rather nasty weather last weekend to see the Solar Decathlon, and feel much better about the future after seeing these young people with so many imaginative and innovative ideas. The Midd decathletes certainly scored high in enthusiasm! I look forward to seeing Self-Reliance when I attend my next reunion. The sweet basil seeds were an appropriate and delightful souvenir. Thanks to all involved!

  3. Lynne Atherton says:

    I am so THRILLED for you and PROUD OF YOU! After your Chicago presentation, and then the June Reunion visit to the house on campus, we put Opening Day of the Decathlon on our calendar and made it happen. Once in Washington, we discovered that it wasn’t open to the public until the next day. What a blessing that we decided to stop by anyway and, as it turned out, have all that Thursday to mosey around, spend time with you, inhale the intelligence and excitement. WAY. TO. GO!!! I’m sending another contribution.
    Lynne Atherton ’56

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