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We are creating a documentary series that explores the Middlebury community by spotlighting a diverse group of passionate Middlebury alumni, family, and friends. Between June and August Danny Andrada ’15 and myself, Nick Spencer ’15, will be traveling across the country in search of the most interesting, daring, and ambitious members of our society. Artists, writers, explorers, professional athletes, and entrepreneurs are just a few examples of the individuals who embody these traits and face regular uncertainty in order to pursue a passion. Our goal is not only to collect and display each person’s inspiring story but also to examine the critical points of decision making that shape an adolescent’s journey into adulthood. This documentary series focuses on what it means to risk safety and security in order to change the world, follow a dream, or stand up for what’s “right”.

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Dollars Raised: 3%

Funding Details

Deadline: Oct 31, 2014
Total needed: $2,000


Danny Andrada ’15  ~ Film and Media  ~ Alameda, CA
Nick Spencer ’15  ~ Psychology  ~ Charlotte, VT


This documentary series explores the following: the adventurous and unique career paths Midd kids, Midd families, and Midd friends have taken; the personal choices that have lead them there; and where they dream their careers will ultimately go/take them. As juniors currently facing the pressure of finding internships and potential job opportunities, we wanted to explore the stories and lifestyles of those that have already achieved success. We have reached out to people from around the country with incredible stories, and by sharing their stories, our goal is to inspire, inform, and above all else, positively influence the decisions made by the next generation.


We will create films and ancillary mediums of art that explore the mediating effect of uncertainty on the relationship between social pressures and decision-making. Our project will provide an intimate peek into how individuals from every vein of life define and chase meaning while conquering the doubt and uncertainty inherent in life. Funding will go toward camera equipment and travel expenses (primarily gas and train tickets). Our final project will consist of a collection of short documentaries; a photo journal; and a blog for family, friends, donors, and fans to follow our journey. Without you this project will not exist. Therefore, whether you have a few dollars to donate, a couch to crash on, an insightful piece of wisdom to share, or even just a story to tell, we are excited to hear from you.


Nick Spencer ’15
(802) 338-0207


Danny Andrada ’15
(510) 205-2656


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