A network of microphilanthropy that supports Middlebury students.

The project, lead by Cordelia Prouvost, aims to foster community among Middlebury students interested in graphic design by creating an in house design group at the Old Stone Mill.

In order for this group to be effective they need access to some tools: including a special printer, heat press, vinyl cutter, transfer sheets. With these tools the Middlebury Design Cooperative will be able to fabricate branded clothing and objects. The Design Cooperative can also save other clubs money by cutting out the need of an expensive third party printer, while providing students on campus with the opportunity to pursue design work. The Old Stone Mill’s purchase of these tools will provide Middlebury students with the means to more ably pursue design activities for years to come. Ultimately the tools will be made universally accessible to the college community in Middlebury’s Makerspace.

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Funding Details

Deadline: Aug 01, 2017
Total needed: $3,550


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The Old Stone Mill is a space for student creators, entrepreneurs, and artists of all kind! Click here to learn more.

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