A network of microphilanthropy that supports Middlebury students.

Our goal is to start an art gallery in the Old Stone Mill space, which we intend to establish as a nerve center for the public display and discussion of student art at Middlebury. Funding through MiddSTART will be essential for displaying artwork, establishing the gallery’s reputation, and helping students defray the costs of framing and art supplies.

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Dollars Raised: 104%

Funding Details

Deadline: Dec 31, 2011
Total needed: $2,000


Nerissa Khan '12, History of Art and Architecture, New York, NY

Elori Kramer '13.5, Geography, Saint Louis Park, MN

Lilah Leopold '12.5, Studio Art and History of Art and Architecture, Montclair, NJ

Cha Tori '12.5, Literary Studies, Moab, UT

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There is an incredible body of artistic talent at Middlebury, but we feel that the community lacks a formal setting for the display of artwork. With this issue in mind, the four of us decided to begin a student-run gallery. There are many amazing, artistic students at Middlebury. Oftentimes, people do not know about these students, because they do not promote or advertise their work. We hope that the gallery will not only serve as a gathering place for all student artists, but will also help establish them as artists and inspire them to take new directions.

We will establish the gallery as a center for the arts at Middlebury in three main ways:

  • First, we will support the professional development of student artists by maintaining a constant exhibition series of student artwork. In this capacity, we will help student artists gain public exposure and build their CVs.
  • Second, we will encourage and promote the space as a venue for the performing arts such as music, theater, poetry, and dance. We hope this will establish the space as a center for thought-provoking socialization and encourage interdisciplinary artistic collaboration.
  • Thirdly, we will organize a lecture and discussion series focusing on current topics of art and culture. For this series, we would try to choose topics which would be relevant to current or upcoming events and that would inspire artists in new creative directions.

The creation of an art gallery in the Old Stone Mill would allow the campus and community to connect through dialogues on and exhibitions of art. By creating a center for dialogue on art, we believe that connections could be formed and deepened between local, student, and faculty artists. We believe that uniting artists of differing disciplines beyond the campus would deepen the sense of community between these various artistic approaches. Your support will help shed light on the many artistic talents at the College and within the community.

7 Responses to “Old Stone Mill Student Gallery”

  1. Michael Russo says:

    Hi, my name is Michael Russo. I’m a freshman and I wanted to let you know that I’m getting mail from the State of Vermont for your organization. My box number is 4333 and I don’t know why it’s being sent there. Hopefully it can be fixed so you can get everything you need! Meanwhile, you can email me at mbrusso@middlebury.edu if there’s some designated place at which you want to pick it up if I should receive anything.

  2. Cha Tori says:

    Thank you everyone who has donated and helped make the M Gallery such a success. We just had the opening of our fourth exhibition this past weekend and the appreciation for the gallery as a part fo the Middlebury community is clear. At each of the openings we have had between about 50 and 150 people attend and have received numerous comments saying how thrilled people are to see the works on display at the gallery.

    We have one more exhibition planned for this semester, two already lined up for January term, and full list of show opportunities to organize and choose from for the spring.

    Thank you for your continued support of the gallery. Please leave comments, suggestions, and ideas or stop in and visit us!

    Also feel free to email me anytime at chatori@themgallery.org

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  4. Carol Sippel Monsees '59 says:

    If you would consider an alumni art exhibit, that might be a nice event. There are many of us “out there”! CM

  5. Cha Tori says:

    Hello everyone!

    We have our basic website up now. We are still in the process of finalizing a lot of the exhibition
    plans for the semester and contacting the artists who we will be representing so the website is a
    bit bare bones right now, but please take a look anyway.


    Thanks for all your support and we would love to hear your feedback!

    M Gallery

  6. Cha Tori says:

    Hello everyone,

    Just wanted to give a quick update. We have a basic “coming soon” website up which means we have set up a hosting
    service and have the behind the scenes infrastructure prepared for the soon to come website. We’ll be sure to let
    you know when it goes up and any other updates. Thanks everyone for your support. We would love to hear your questions,
    suggestions, or anything else.

    Cha Tori

  7. Cha Tori says:

    Thank you so very much to everyone who has donated. All four of us were stunned and amazed by the quick response
    and support that has come in already. We are going to use these initial funds to set up a website, buy signage,
    and get the gallery prepared for our opening exhibition on September 23rd. We would be incredibly appreciative
    if you would tell your friends, family, and associates about M Gallery. Through MiddStart’s great program we not
    only hope to raise the initial start up funds, but also increase community awareness of the project. Please pass
    the word about the gallery along and stop by M Gallery (at The Old Stone Mill) anytime during the school year
    and say “hi”, we would love to meet you!

    Again thank you for your support of M Gallery, you have helped enable the gallery’s success.

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