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Farid’s goal is to become the first Afghan to race the Olympics in cross country mountain biking.

Currently a CAT1 racer, he started mountain biking in his sophomore year at Middlebury College. With only two years of riding experience, he just completed a successful collegiate campaign capped off with the National Collegiate Mountain Bike Championships.

But it hasn’t been an easy journey. Starting without a strong athletic background, he had had to work very hard to get to where he is today. Lacking financial resources, he started and continues to train and race on borrowed equipment. But his love of the sport, and his vision for how cycling can transform young people’s lives in Afghanistan is what motivates him to work hard.

This season, Farid’s goal is to get his professional license upgrade, which will allow him to race for Afghanistan in international races, earning points towards #Tokyo2020.


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Funding Details

Deadline: May 14, 2018
Total needed: $5,000



Ahmad Farid Noori is a current senior 2018.5 who majors in Economics. He is from Kabul, Afghanistan.



Brief Description:

My homeland Afghanistan is a beautiful place but few people know that. Images of conflict and destitution that the media constantly feeds us have overshadowed Afghanistan’s spectacular landscape and enormous mountains. These mountains can be the best playing ground for bikes. My mission is to bring forward that beautiful aspect of Afghanistan through my passion for the bike.

I see in the bike a huge potential for hope, an opportunity for a good fight, one that will put us back on the world stage for something that we can be proud of. The bike is an empowering tool that allows people to conquer new frontiers and experience independence and freedom. For my friends and I, peace is not found on negotiation tables. It is in the mountains where we can take a break from war, even for a brief moment, and recollect our strength to face and solve the challenges that have been plaguing our country for decades.

My goal is not just to race for my country but to bring mountain biking to Afghanistan.

How will MiddSTART Help you Achieve your Fundraising Goal?: 

The MiddSTART funding will come to support my journey at its most critical moment: my chance to become a professional cross-country mountain biker.

So far, I have made progress as an athlete thanks to my friend and fellow Middkid Kai Wiggins who spared me one of his bikes. But after three years training and racing, the equipment is old and no longer race-worthy. They are also entry-level, and not fit for racing at a higher level where proper equipment comes to play a huge role.

The MiddSTART funds will go towards buying a mountain and road bike, as well as summer training and racing costs.

What is the Inspiration for your Project?: 

In the U.S., there are so many opportunities for young people to grow. In Afghanistan, such opportunities are very scarce.

I consider myself very lucky to be here at Middlebury, having access to incredible opportunities in and out of the classroom. I want to give back by sharing what I have come to love and appreciate, with young people back home.

Follow my Journey: 

Please follow my journey on www.mtbafghanistan.com where I keep an active blog, and my social media. If you are around Middlebury, let’s chat over a cup of chai, or go for a bike ride (road or mtb)!


One Response to “Mountain Bike Afghanistan – An Olympic Dream”

  1. Farid Noori says:

    Hi everyone,

    I would like to say a ‘Big Thank you!’ for getting my campaign this far. I am overwhelmed by your support; means a lot to me, and I can’t wait to pay it forward. Please do not hesitate to ask me to get together if you would like to hear updates and know more about the journey. My email is noori.farid3@gmail.com.

    As the end of this campaign is nearing, and with only a smaller amount left now, if there are people whom you think might be interested in supporting something like this, then please share the video/campaign with them.

    I am thrilled to see where my racing can take me this year, and I am ready to give it my all.

    Many thanks again,


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