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Home Country: Ethiopia

Major: International Politics and Economics Minor: Global Health Activities: JV soccer, Evolution Dance Crew First-semester reflection: “Middlebury, Vermont, is a lot different from home with different weather and a different educational system, but I've been enjoying the liberal arts education and the flexibility that it has."

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The members of International Leadership Committee aim to bring students from around the world to Middlebury through the MiddSTART International Scholarship. Learn more: watch this video from scholarship co-founder Humberto García-Sjögrim ’96 by clicking the link or scrolling to the bottom of this page.

Exploring a World of Possibilities

My name is Bethel Yalew Endawoke, and I am a 19-year-old student from Ethiopia. I am currently attending my first year at Middlebury College. My Middlebury experience thus far has been a unique one, and I have continued to grow in different aspects since my first day here.

As an international student who had never lived in the U.S, coming here for school was overwhelming. I lived in Ethiopia for all of my childhood and moved to South Africa to complete my last year two years of high school. I was in a boarding school called African Leadership Academy. Even though I am used to being away from home, I was still intimidated by the fact that I would be in a completely different environment and culture. However, I was very surprised to see how inclusive Middlebury’s community is. I got involved in different activities in no time, and I did not have challenges in settling in and starting my new life here.

Expanding Academic Interests

During my very first term at Middlebury, I took a wide range of courses. Though I focused on natural science courses while I was in high school, I was able to use the flexibility of Middlebury’s classes to explore classes that I had never taken before, such as macroeconomics and computer music programming. Middlebury’s strength in languages also encouraged me to start studying a foreign language. I am now ready to move on to intermediate French after being able to complete my French 101 class in the fall.

Besides academics, I was able to dedicate a fair amount of time to do things that I love. I joined the women’s JV soccer team, and I completed a successful season with the team. Soccer has always been something that I enjoyed doing, and joining the JV soccer team helped me to start off the school year with full energy. I also used the team to have a smooth transition to the school and the new environment, as the sport is something that I am comfortable in doing.

Creating Community

Besides soccer, I have also joined Evolution Dance Crew. We meet multiple times a week to practice various kinds of dance moves. I was able to be part of Evolution’s first performance of the year and the annual talent show of the College, Midd’s Got Talent. Even though I was one of the newest members, I was allowed to choreograph a small piece for our performance. Evolution has created a family for me where I can express myself through dance, and has given me an opportunity to create important connections with the closest friends I have now.

Choosing a Major

After learning about the International Politics and Economics (IPE) department at Middlebury, I have been considering it as a potential major. Therefore, I am intending to major in IPE with French language concentration and a minor in global health. In the coming year, I am very excited to take more courses in different departments and perform for Evolution’s biggest show of the year in the spring. Moreover, I have been able to use resources at the College and plan different programs that I want to be part of. I have been accepted for 2018 summer session of MiddCore (Middlebury’s entrepreneurship and leadership program). Therefore, I am looking forward to the coming years here at Middlebury and the end of this term only gets me excited to start another one.

Why Support International Students?

Hear from scholarship co-founder Humberto García-Sjögrim and Bethel Endawoke in the videos below.

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