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We, the MAlt Haiti team, are fundraising to travel to the community of Ansapit (also known as Anse-à-Pitres). We will collaborate with AMURTEL-Haiti and Sadhana Forestry in order to learn about child development education and sustainable agriculture. To honor our trip’s commitment to a need-blind acceptance policy and provide both service and financial support to our community partners, we need to raise $2,000 by January 31st.

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Dollars Raised: 170%

Funding Details

Deadline: Jan 31, 2014
Total needed: $2,000


MAlt Haiti team
Mzwakithi "Prestige" Shongwe '16 IPE Siteki, Swaziland
Andres Chamorro '16 Undeclared Managua, Nicaragua
Rebecca Geiger ’16
Evelin Toth ’17
Sarah Koenigsberg ’17
Parker Ziegler ’16
Casey Wanna ’16
Otto Nagengast ’17
Matthew Spitzer ’16.5
David Fuchs ’16
Lucia "Shaya" Christensen ’16
Aissatou Gaye ’16


MAlt Haiti  MAlt Haiti plant

 MAlt Haiti: Exploring Different Community Development Models in Post-2010 Haiti

What is Malt?
MAlt (Middlebury Alternative Break Trips) is a student organization that designs and runs service learning trips during Middlebury’s February break.  The trips aim to engage Middlebury students with outside communities in order to share, provide service, and learn about the systems that shape community realities around the world. MAlt has a need-blind acceptance policy and fundraises in the campus community and beyond throughout the year to ensure that any student can participate regardless of his or her financial background.

What will we be doing?
On January 31st, our team of 12 students will travel to the community of Ansapit, located on the southern border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  We will spend one week collaborating with AMURTEL-Haiti, an NGO dedicated to providing food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and education to women and children in need.  In order to further our understanding of child development and and sustainable agricultural development, we will participate in hands-on service in AMURTEL’s community school and gardens.  Through AMURTEL, we will also work with Sadhana Forestry, an NGO focused on establishing long-term food security in the Ansapit area.  Through supporting AMURTEL’s effort to reintroduce Moringa trees, an ancient Haitian food system, we hope to gain firsthand experience thinking about and working with sustainable agriculture.

What can you do to support us?
We need to fundraise $2,000 by January 31st.  $1,200 will subsidize the costs of travel, food, and lodging during the trip.

We are very excited about this trip but we can’t do it without your help.  Click on the link above to make a donation.

From the entire MAlt Haiti Team, we thank you for making this opportunity possible.

For more information about MAlt, AMURTEL, and Sadhana Forestry, we invite you to visit the following links:
MAlt: http://www.middlebury.edu/studentlife/communityengagement/volunteering/malt
Sadhana Forestry:

6 Responses to “MAlt Haiti”

  1. Nathan Hunt says:

    good luck evelyn and team! Great to see you involved in Environmental work…thanks for letting know about it – I see that you raised all the money you need, sorry I was too late. Hope it all goes well.

  2. MAlt Haiti says:

    FUNDED!!!!!!!! Wow, 2014 has certainly gotten off to quite a bang! We thank all of our 28 incredible donors for their support! All of you have contributed to making this project a breathtaking reality, and we simply cannot thank you enough. We hope to do you proud as J-term approaches and we begin to really take steps towards educating ourselves and the Middlebury community, reaching out to friends and professors to present the trip, and preparing for our week in Ansapit. Thank you all for making these first days of 2014 unforgettable!

    To satiate your appetite today we have two pieces from the BBC. The first is the news agency’s “Haiti profile”, which gives a brief but interesting account of Haiti’s political history, social challenges, and the state of the country since the 2010 earthquake. The second is a series of captioned photographs entitled “In pictures: Haiti’s tree planting scheme”. Breathtaking photos tell the story of Haiti’s recent tree planting initiative, a permaculture plan designed to reduce erosion, reintroduce native, profitable cash crops, and give Haitians an opportunity to escape poverty. Enjoy!



    MAlt Haiti

  3. MAlt Haiti says:

    Hey all MAlt Haiti is back with two new articles today courtesy of our very own Andres Chamorro. The first, a piece on food security and sustainability in Haiti, provides an important look into the natural and manmade difficulties facing the agricultural island nation. The second is a passionate response to a book review dealing with the question: “Does History matter in Haiti?” Certainly, understanding the imperialist influences and systematic political corruption that have plagued Haiti for over two centuries is critical for a comprehensive understanding of the issues facing the country currently.



    Again, we would like to take the time to sincerely thank all of our donors, including the newest five who have taken the time to give generously to our cause over the holiday. We dearly appreciate your support and look forward to keeping you updated with articles, photos, and reports from our trip in February. Have a terrific start to 2014 everyone!

    MAlt Haiti

  4. MAlt Haiti says:

    Happy Holidays from MAlt Haiti! Today’s post for you includes an incredible piece on the parallels between witchcraft and humanitarian aid in Haiti since the beginning of the democratic era in 1994. As the piece argues, the processes of giving aid and undertaking development initiatives carry social and cultural complications that endanger a community just as much as they support it. Certainly this will be an important read for all of us as we begin our work in Ansapit. As our contact at AMURTEL has told us, everything we thought we knew about development is about to be turned upside down.

    Enjoy the holidays and please continue to donate! We greatly appreciate all of your support!


  5. MAlt Haiti says:

    MAlt Haiti here again, this time to share a fascinating New York Times piece about a recent Dominican law that denies citizenship to Dominicans of Haitian descent, even if they were born in the DR. The new legislation is the most recent development in a citizenship/ border debate that has raged on the island of Hispaniola since the early 20th century. As we cross the Haiti-DR border on our trip to Ansapit we hope to learn more about the history of this conflict, one that holds significant implications for issues of Haitian and Dominican cultural authenticity, arguments on Haitian labor migration, and debates on Caribbean post-colonialism. Check it out here:

    Please continue to donate! We have seen great support from our 15 donors thus far and hope to hear from more of you soon!

    MAlt Haiti

  6. MAlt Haiti says:

    MAlt Haiti would like to thank our 15 donors who have contributed so generously to our service trip thus far! We are so grateful for your ongoing support of MAlt Haiti’s coming work both this winter at Middlebury and in Ansapit this February! To give you guys an idea of the geography, here is Ansapit on a map, tucked on the southern coast right near the Dominican border. The route shown will be our trip from Santo Domingo to Ansapit, a 4.5 hour coastal drive. As Prestige said in our first meeting, “Trust me guys, you do not want to be asleep for that one.”


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