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Lightwell visualizes ideas – I take clients’ designs and turn them into computer-generated, three-dimensional images. This summer, I am expanding Lightwell to include wind and solar projects in Vermont, and I need your help to support this expansion. Photo-realistic renderings improve communication among stakeholders by offering an unbiased visual representation of a proposed project. Ultimately, Lightwell can expedite the approval process for sustainable infrastructure by creating images of the finished structures before construction begins.

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Dollars Raised: 12%

Funding Details

Deadline: Aug 31, 2013
Total needed: $2,000


Lightwell Shane
Shane Scranton '13 Architectural Studies and Environmental Studies Conway, MA

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Lightwell’s official site, www.lightwellstudio.com, will provide project updates and will go live mid-June. For readers still unclear as to what “computer visualization” entails, visit my personal website at www.shanescranton.com. I have spent most of my free time over the past three years developing my skills in 3D modeling and rendering. Lightwell grew out of a demand I saw among architects in Vermont for realistic computer visualization. Now, I want to expand my client base to encompass sustainable infrastructure projects. So much of the debate surrounding wind farms and photovoltaic arrays is based on the visual impact of these structures. By using cutting edge 3D software I can build these projects in the virtual world, and then use the generated images to communicate their visual presence. I am constantly evolving a client list through the MCSE network and my connections to Vermont’s architecture firms. If you have a project that you would like to discuss with me please send an email to s.scranton@me.com. The total cost of this venture is $4,000 including transportation, software licensing, advertising, and hardware updates. Even without full funding, this project will proceed with fewer clients and smaller projects.

I will use www.lightwellstudio.com for broad updates and mailchimp (an email client) for donor specific emails.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  1. Shane Scranton says:

    9 day to go and my website is officially live! http://www.lightwell3d.com. In the final week I will be making a large push towards our fundraising goal, and thank you to those who have contributed so far.

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