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JoyRyde is a mobile phone app that incentivizes safe, phone-free driving. Every mile driven without using a phone, our users gain points that can be spent on buying discounts to their favorite coffee shop, e-commerce site, or even their favorite charity. We believe that JoyRyde will change the way people drive, one mile and one point at a time. For more information, please check out the JoyRyde website here: http://www.joyryde.co

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Dollars Raised: 105%

Funding Details

Deadline: May 15, 2016
Total needed: $5,000


My Inspiration:

As probably predicted, this idea came to me while driving. I am the oldest of six children who all play hockey. So I inherently do a lot of chauffeuring to practices. While I was driving back from practice, with my two little brothers in the back seat, I began messing around on my phone. Before I knew it I was across the double yellow lines heading into oncoming traffic. I was luckily able to swerve back into my lane.

I then realized the severity of my mistake. I had a responsibility to my little brothers and everyone else on the road to do the right thing and stay off my phone. But I also knew that my experience represented a much bigger problem. More and more kids are now getting into crashes while they play around on their phones.

JoyRyde’s Mission:

Joyryde’s mission is to make the roads safe for everyone. Although mobile phones have provided society with a constant stream of information and communication, they are dangerous behind the wheel of the car. Distracted driving related crashes due to electronic devices are on the rise, and the problem is not going anywhere.

At JoyRyde, we believe that we can make a measurable impact on the lives of everyone who drives, walks, or bikes on the road by incentivizing safe, phone-free driving. With our approach, we hope to help put an end to distracted driving.

How Your Gift Helps:

The money I receive from MiddStart will go directly towards the continued cost of the development and improvement of the app.

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