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Thank you for your generosity! We first launched this project as a $10,000 single scholarship but due to our rapid initial success, we updated our goal to $20,000 for two international student scholarships. We came close to reaching that goal by the June 30, 2011 deadline, raising over $15,000 (PLEASE NOTE: Several gifts we were expecting before June 30 came in after June 30 and have been applied to future scholarships for international students). This tremendous effort meant that we were still able to fund two international student scholarships. <a href=”http://go.middlebury.edu/intnlscholarship2012″>Click here to meet our two scholars, Marjeela and Tawanda, and to support the 2012 scholarship</a>.

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Dollars Raised: 103%

Funding Details

Deadline: Jun 30, 2011
Total needed: $15,000


Humberto Garcia-Sjogrim '96

Lucienne Ide '97

Christiaan Wernink '94

Amer Dastgir '10

Gabrielle Jacquet '02

Abdur-Rahim Syed '02

Tushna Gamadia '96

Dimitar Apostolov '06

Sangwha Hong '97

Otis Gospodnetic '97

Jana Minn '02

Muchadei Zvoma '07

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Chime Dolma '12 from Tibet and other students share their global Middlebury experience.

Middlebury has a long history of international education and a commitment to bringing students from around the world to study in Vermont. During the academic year, the campus is home to more than 300 international students and faculty members from more than 70 countries. They make Middlebury a more diverse and interesting community and enrich the educational experience for all students.

Unfortunately, tuition and travel costs put a Middlebury education out of reach for many international students. That’s why we hope international alumni will join together to sponsor an international scholarship through MiddSTART. If we raise $10,000 by June 30, the College can offer the new scholarship to an international student this fall.

Humberto Garcia-Sjogrim ’96 & Lucienne Ide ’97  have already contributed $2,500, 25 percent of the total needed, as a challenge gift to get the MiddSTART International Student Scholarship fund started. Join them with a gift of any amount and help another great international student to come to Middlebury.


5 Responses to “International Student Scholarship 2010 to 2011”

  1. Humberto says:

    A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who participated in making this a reality! The fact that as a
    group we were able to fund not one but two scholarships is a testament to your belief in
    the importance of providing financial aid for international students who do so much to enrich
    the fabric of the college.

    I am writing tonight from the slopes of Mount Kenya where earlier today I was reminded of just
    how valuable this type of gift is while visiting the Mount Kenya Academy. Many of their students
    aspire to study in the U.S. and financial aid is critical for some of them to be able to do so. As I interacted
    with these students I thought of the many talented young men and women around the world who are
    potential beneficiaries of your generosity.

    I look forward to learning who these two scholarships are awarded to and to building on this initial
    success in years to come. To that end, I propose that we name these scholarships. I have been thinking
    about the concept of “closing the loop” or of “paying it forward” but I have failed to come up with a short
    and relevant name.

    One term that does come to mind is Kamma Niyama, a Buddhist phrase that refers to the consequences of
    one’s actions and therefore the idea of cause and effect. As an example, we could call them the Kamma Niyama
    International Student Scholarships…

    This is just a suggestion. If you have other ideas please bring them forward. Ultimately it will be up to our
    college advancement staff to determine the best course of action.

    Thank you again for your participation, Humberto

  2. Rick Greene '75 says:

    I am one of the Gift Officers for the College and I have to say this project has been one of the most rewarding efforts
    I have ever been involved with at any level. My heartfelt thanks to all of you who have supported this most worthy gift!

  3. Boriana Karastoyanova'01 says:

    Happy to participate in this effort to support international students at Middlebury! Great idea.

  4. MidIndi says:

    My first donation from my summer earnings which ended up being a little more than I anticipated 🙂 , and
    I’m only starting college this year (’15). My scholarship is the only thing that has made my Middlebury
    education possible and I intend to share that possibility with others in every way I can.

  5. Muchadei Zvoma '07 says:

    This is awesome! Just made my gift – Midd international alumni, let’s rally to support current international students!

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