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Middlebury’s global reach connects all students. This year we have an opportunity to increase the reach of our International Student Scholarship fund, thanks to Lucie Ide ’97 and Humberto Garcia-Sjogrim ’96, who have offered to match gifts, dollar for dollar, until the fund reaches its goal of $60,000.

Let’s expand the possibility of a Middlebury education to more students from around the world. Make your gift in support of Middlebury’s long-standing commitment to international students and help bring the world and Middlebury closer together.

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Deadline: Jun 30, 2016

Opening to the World—and Herself

A recipient of the MiddSTART International Student Scholarship, Chelsea Wang ’16 would like a career that bridges cultures and builds understanding.

Beginning the Journey

Chuyou “Chelsea” Wang ’16, an art history and German major from China, was drawn to Middlebury by its reputation as a small community with challenging academics and supportive relationships among students, faculty, and alumni. (“In addition, I love skiing!”) What she didn’t realize was that coming here would open up the wider world.

That began on campus, where Chelsea took courses in literature, math, language, physics, and computer science. “All in my first year,” she says. “I had no idea what I wanted to major in, and kept changing my mind every other week. Yet that was the most exciting part, because I started to think more critically and independently about myself.”

Chelsea traveled to Trinidad with the Dance Company of Middlebury in J-term 2014 to learn about island culture and dance. “That was one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life so far,” she says. “It opened my eyes to something totally different. It allowed me to think about the world and different cultures from a brand new perspective.”

A Creative Adventure

She next immersed herself in a yearlong experience in Germany in 2014–15 through the Middlebury School in Berlin’s affiliation with the Free University of Berlin. While studying culture, art history, and photography, she also found time to visit museums, go to football games, and work part time as an intern with a local fashion brand. “I learned a lot about the fashion business, the design process for a new collection, and the vibrant creative scene in the city,” she says.

After graduation, “I’m planning a career in the consulting industry, since I’m fascinated by the constant new challenges in dealing with various industries and people,” Chelsea says. “I want to encourage more and more people to learn about other cultures and share their life experiences.”

Her MiddSTART scholarship, she adds, “was a big encouragement. I saw how Middlebury values and supports its international student group. And I so much appreciate the support I’ve gained from alumni, professors, staff, and fellow students here.”

“I hope to utilize the intercultural competence I’ve gained at Middlebury in both professional and daily spheres. I want to help people from different parts of the world understand each other better.”

Chelsea Wang ’16: Quick Facts

Hometown: Shenyang, China
Major: Art History and German

Interest: Dance

Service on campus: Community Friends mentor to a local fifth-grader. “We met for different events and activities,” Chelsea says. “It was such a great experience to listen to her stories and share my stories with her.”

Study abroad: Dance Company of Middlebury trip to Trinidad, J-term 2014. Free University of Berlin, 2014-15 school year.

Plan after graduation: “I want to keep exploring the unknown and unseen.”

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  1. Humberto Garcia-Sjogrim says:

    Just a quick note to say thank you to each and every one of you who have already given to the International Student Scholarship fund this year. As you can see we raised the goal significantly and the Middlebury community has responded beautifully as we are off to a great start. Over the last few years there has been an enormous amount of energy and support for this effort and we are really only scratching the surface. So, if you have given, thank you again. If you are on the fence, jump on board, you will be supporting a great case and you will be in good company…! Best wishes for the New Year, Humberto ’96 & Lucie ’97

  2. Margaret Paine says:

    This is a test

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