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Hello, my name is Fatmata Bah and I am rising senior, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry major with a minor in Global Health and I am on the pre-med track. I was awarded a $3000 grant from the innovation hub to pioneer first aid training for community health worker supervisors in Bombali, one of the poorest districts in Sierra Leone. This training will run for three days and participants will be trained in basic first aid skills such as treating wounds and injuries, action at an emergency, and HIV and AIDs education. They will also receive some advanced level training such as treating sprains, dislocations, fractures, severe injuries, bleedings and trauma victim support. As crazy as it sounds, there is only one trauma/emergency hospital in Sierra Leone and it is located in the capital city, Freetown. People who live in remote areas have no access to this hospital and poor road and transportation network also makes it difficult to transport injured individuals who live tens of miles away from any health facility. With this training, we can empower remote communities, increase emergency response and preparedness of the remote villages served by the CHW supervisors, and save lives. Oh, and one more thing, training the CHW supervisors means that they can share the knowledge with the CHW that they supervise using a model called Training of Trainers (TOT). At the end of the day, this knowledge will be transmitted to even more people making it a very cost-effective project. 

In the Summer of 2018, I was awarded the Cross-Cultural Community Service Grant which allowed me to construct a public water tap for my community in Freetown. Despite the fact that I grew up in the capital city of Sierra Leone; my community like many other communities in Freetown, lack easy access to water and it is a constant struggle affecting mostly women, and children; especially girls. One thing that struck me while I was working on this project was how much so little can create such a huge impact, so I decided to go big. I have always been interested in contributing to the development of a self-sufficient healthcare system in my country and while that cannot be accomplished overnight, it can be done in small steps. I started brainstorming ways that I can contribute with the funds available on campus. This is what led me to develop the First Aid for Peace training of CHW supervisors in Bombali District. The cost of first aid training is prohibitive for many Sierra Leones which means that even healthcare providers might not have the training. Unsafe roads, motorcycle and vehicle accidents, slippery floors and trees, snake and insect bites are very typical in remote places yet there is only one emergency hospital in the entire country. First Aid for Peace will be giving communities who live in remote places, away from any health facilities a chance to recover from life-threatening yet manageable accidents and traumas. It will empower communities to be able to provide immediate support to injured individuals. With more funding, this project is capable of strengthening the health system of Sierra Leone and increasing our emergency preparedness as a country. 

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Deadline: Jun 30, 2020
Total needed: $1,500


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