A network of microphilanthropy that supports Middlebury students.

Favor it is a mobile app for favor exchanges on college campuses. Students post favors they need done and a price they are willing to pay for it, while other students can pick up that favor for money. Our vision is a grassroots economy where students connect with students. Learn more about Favor it at http://www.myfavoritapp.com.

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Dollars Raised: 91%

Funding Details

Deadline: Sep 15, 2017
Total needed: $5,000

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My Inspiration:

This all started with Founders of Favor it, Coumba Winfield and Alex Myerson. Coumba suggested how Alex might make extra money while he was auditing music classes as a visiting graduate (free audits for life, not bad Middlebury!)….

Then one hungry, snowy February eve in the library, that job idea became an app idea. The founders furiously scribbled out the architecture that night, promptly put off the whole thing for more than a year, then finally decided to do what it takes. Now we are almost ready to share our creation with you!

Project Objective:

Students want flexible ways to earn cash online, but often the ‘opportunities’ they find are scams that sap their time and energy.

We know from experience. 

The fact is that unless you’re on someone’s payroll, answering to their demands and compromising your own schedule, options have been scarce.

Favor it bridges the gap between the convenience of the internet and the immediacy of campus. Earn money doing nearby favors, or have them done for you. 

Post a favor you need done and a price you’re willing to pay for it (ex. I need a plate of food from proctor, $5). Anyone with the app can do that favor for you and receive that money. It’s that simple.


Our vision is a grassroots economy where whole people connect with whole people. Technology can help to reinvent and revitalize the Middlebury community just as well as it can characterize and atrophy it. It’s all about what we do with the tools in our hands….

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