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For Students

Question: What are the steps to apply for funding?
Answer: Students should fill out the form found on the Apply for Funding page and submit it. Your application will be reviewed, and if your project is selected for MiddSTART, you will work with Michael Dola to post the project

Question: Who is eligible to apply for MiddSTART funding?
Answer: All current Middlebury students are eligible to apply for MiddSTART funding.

Question: Are student organizations eligible for MiddSTART funding?
Answer: Registered student organizations that are eligible for funding through the SGA Finance Committee may not apply for MiddSTART funding. If your organization is not eligible for SGA funding, you may apply to MiddSTART.

Question: How will projects be judged?
Answer: To be considered, projects must be initiated, designed, and carried out by students. Projects cannot be submitted for academic credit. Projects will be judged on their creativity and innovativeness, the individual or team’s organization and commitment, and the effectiveness of their plan. In addition, students are required to provide regular updates on their progress to donors; applicants will also be judged on their plan for this.

Question: When should I apply?
Answer: MiddSTART applications are considered on a rolling basis. We recommend submitting your proposal several months before you need funding, as the number of projects that can be displayed at any time is limited and once your project is on the site, it can take time for it to be fully funded.

Question: How long will my project be on the site?
Answer: Each project will be displayed for no more than a semester. Once projects are funded, they will be archived on the site, so donors can see the outcome of their gifts and be inspired to continue supporting students.

Question: How much funding may I request for my project?
Answer: The current limit for student projects is $2,000 per project. However, we like to have projects of varying sizes on the site and smaller projects are easier to fund.

Question: What happens after my project is fully funded?
Answer: Once your project is funded, the money will be released to the Project on Creativity and Innovation. You and your team should will meet with Michael Dola to discuss next steps, which will include a plan for communicating with the donors to your project.

Question: What happens if my project is only partially funded?
Answer: If the smaller amount will enable you to complete your project or a significant part of it, you will receive the funding. If that is not possible, the money will go to support the Project on Creativity and Innovation to support other similar initiatives.

For Donors

Question: Does my MiddSTART gift count toward class participation and Reunion giving goals?
Yes. All gifts received within the current fiscal year (July 1–June 30) count toward these goals.

Question: How can I learn about what students have accomplished in their MiddSTART projects?
Answer: Students will be adding content regularly to this site or to their project sites. Each time they add content, they will note it in the comments section below the project information. You can check back any time or you can sign up for an RSS feed to receive an e-mail when there is an update on all projects or just on the project that you chose to fund.

Question: How can I contact one of the students on the project I’m helping to fund?
Answer: There is a comments section below each main project page. Write your question there, and the students will be able to see it and respond.

Question: How do I create a MiddSTART scholarship?
Answer: A MiddSTART scholarship is a great way for alumni to come together to enable a student to attend Middlebury. The minimum amount for a scholarship to be funded is $10,000. If you reach that goal, your scholarship will be assigned to a specific student and you will receive information about that student. If you do not reach that goal, the money contributed will be directed to general financial aid. Class agents, reunion volunteers, or groups of friends can apply to create a MiddSTART scholarship. Learn more.

Question: What happens if the scholarship isn’t fully funded?
Answer: The money donated will be directed to general financial aid.

Question: My gift didn’t appear right away after I made it. When will it be included?
Answer: Your gift will be included in the total the day after you make it. The system is automatically updated at 4 a.m. each morning.

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  1. Martin Kormanik says:

    My nephew is starting at Middlebury this fall. I’d like to support a project that chooses to become involved with during
    his studies. How can I donate now to support him at some later time?



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