A network of microphilanthropy that supports Middlebury students.

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Lindsay O'Brien Bababekov
    Yanik John Bababekov
      Jon-Erik K. Borgen
        Todd James Daniel Bratches
          Jacqueline A. Brown-Hennessy
            Christopher R. Campbell
              David Livingston Campbell
                Christopher B. Dayton
                  Rebecca Hiland Dayton
                    Lawrence G. Freni
                      Courtney Slautterback Harwood
                        Harry R. Harwood Jr.
                          David B. Hennessy
                            Henry Holt Hopkins Jr.
                              William C. Hovey
                                Spencer Danforth Hurst
                                  Matthew M. Levy
                                    Christopher Alexander Mejia
                                      MIDDLEBURY ALUMNI LACROSSE CLUB
                                        Thomas P. O'Connor
                                          Jonathan Sisto
                                            Peter Reynolds Smith
                                              Thomas Miller Steinle
                                                Terrence P. Wise
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