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“Cuts.” is a mobile app in development that seeks to transition the online presence of the haircutting industry. Reviews of individual barbers and stylists in social-media style profiles will increase consumer knowledge and the networking potential of these cutters, while booking component solidifies the connection. We believe that Cuts. can bridge the online gap between cutters and their clients, changing how people approach getting a haricut- one cut at a time.    

For more information, find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Cuts-273302786410504/

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Dollars Raised: 5%

Funding Details

Deadline: Sep 15, 2017
Total needed: $5,000


My Inspiration:

As someone who pursued several entrepreneurial endeavors in high school, I want to start something that can provide value to a lot of people.  The inspiration came last winter break. I was with friends from home at our local barbershop when the usual barber for one of my friends was not there. Stuck settling for someone else, his haircut was absolutely atrocious. That is when it dawned on me: the industry is heavily predicated on one-on-one interactions but lacks an online presence. The idea started as a review system. After some research, I realized the added component of a booking system would be beneficial to incentivizing stylists and barbers to join. Some 250+ calls and extensive research later, and I learned that the industry is 50% commission-based and 50% chair-rentals, where the cutters pay a set rate and net all of the customer’s pay. The 50% chair-rental stylists and barbers, however, have no way of branding themselves; as they are connected to a bigger shop that does not care how much business they bring in and thus can only grow by word of mouth. In looking at other success stories such as Angie’s List and Care.com, I became all the more motivated to push this product forward.   

Our Mission:

Our mission at “Cuts.,” is to empower customer with individual reviews of barbers and stylists. Unlike a Google or Yelp review which only shows shops and salons, customers can easily find the person for his or her needs. Similarly, we hope to bolster the marketing potential of these barbers and stylists by enabling them to have a tangible network of clients. Through this, we believe that we can help the small time, hard-working cutters and increase customer satisfaction in the industry.

Project Description:

As it stands, the online haircutting review system centers around holistic views of shops, even though only one person tends to define your experience. Additionally, the landscape of how shops operates has shifted to a booth rental format, whereby stylists and barbers pay rent on a chair but become solely responsible for their own branding. Our solution, is to streamline how the industry conducts online business by offering a review and booking service that places the emphasis on the cutters, themselves. This would allow for more accurate reviews to consumers and unprecedented marketing power to the cutter. We seek to model other successful endeavors such as Angies’s List and Care.com, that have applied a nearly identical concept to other industries.  


How Your Gift Helps:

MiddSTART funding would go directly to establishing a prototype and building credibility to us as a budding start‐up. This would include but is not limited, web development and filing for an LLC.

Project Participants:

Peter Palumbo, 2020, Neuroscience/Economics Double Major; Rockaway, NJ, USA

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