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The College Choir will perform in the Baltic States May 28–June 10. While the College is able to subsidize some of the cost, students are asked to cover half of the cost of the trip, plus most meals. You can help make this life-changing experience possible for all choir members, regardless of their financial circumstances, with a gift of any size.

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Dollars Raised: 36%

Funding Details

Deadline: May 28, 2018
Total needed: $10,000


Jeffrey Buettner, director of Choral Activities, conducts the College Choir in a performance Robison Hall in Middlebury. The choir is seeking funding to ensure all students can participate in a tour of the Baltics this spring.


May 28 through June 10, the Middlebury College Choir will embark on a singing tour the Baltic States: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. The Baltics are a completely new part of the world for all students involved, and the destination was chosen by students about a year ago. Our program includes 20th- and 21st-century compositions from Estonia and folk songs of Latvia and Lithuania. The College Choir will also sing spirituals, compositions from composers of the Americas, and songs traditional to the Middlebury College Choir.

Students will sing and interact with choral musicians and artists from the three countries, and they will visit several cultural sites including Saaremaa Island in Estonia, the Ethnographic Open Air Museum in Latvia, and Trakai Castle in Lithuania. The Baltic States are countries with long-standing national singing traditions, intimately linked to their independence and individuality. They are also countries of complicated history and diverse cultural influences. The students will learn much about cultural history and the panoply of national, ethnic, religious, and philosophical identities in these relatively small countries.

The tour is predictably expensive, and the fee is not an easy thing to add to the cost of education. We endeavor to make the tours affordable for every student, regardless of their financial situation. I believe the tour will be a phenomenal, life-changing experience, and I would like to be able to offer this opportunity to all students regardless of financial capacity.

Please consider a gift to support a choir member.

  • $10 sponsors a student’s lunch.
  • $25 pays for a student’s meals for a day.
  • $500 covers a student’s meals during the entire trip.
  • $1,500 sponsors the student’s contribution towards the fee.
  • $3,800 sponsors a student’s full tour fee.

Thank you so much!

—Jeffrey Buettner, Director of Choral Activities

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