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Cerebella is a digital surface design company that finds artistic inspiration under the microscope. Currently, a variety of textile patterns are being developed and applied to an up-and-coming line of scarves, bowties, and neckties. These items provide a unique opportunity to increase visual awareness of a whimsical biological world that is often invisible to the naked eye. The funds raised on MiddSTART will help to offset the costs of microscopy equipment, fabric, local manufacturing, website development, and a pre-order option for our launch this summer.

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Dollars Raised: 41%

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Deadline: Aug 31, 2013
Total needed: $2,000


Cerebella Ariele
Ariele Faber '13 Neuroscience and Architecture Roseland NJ

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Cerebella ties cerebella scarf

Often, we look at slides under a microscope as a way to observe something that will produce data and support a hypothesis. However, as a person passionate about science and art, I am equally awestruck by the colors, patterns, textures, and sense of order that can be observed on such a small scale. Cerebella Design began to take shape my sophomore year at Middlebury when I was first introduced to photomicroscopy in a Cell Biology and Genetics course. I began to wonder how many people had ever experienced the excitement of looking more closely at the world than the human eye could truly experience on its own, and wanted to find a way to bring the patterns I saw in the lab to those outside of it. By designing patterns from microscopic images, the science lab quickly turns into an art studio, and the aesthetic experience that comes with specimen observation becomes more accessible to scientists and non-scientists alike. After enrolling in the Textiles Summer Institute at Rhode Island Institute of Design last summer, I was able to return to Middlebury with the additional technical skills to establish a local production and manufacturing workflow for Cerebella. With the support of MiddSTART, I will be able to share my first biologically inspired patterns, which are digitally printed on high quality fabrics and made into scarves, bowties, and neckties. In addition, MiddSTART will help me to build partnerships with natural science organizations, art community centers, healthcare facilities, and youth education programs. Going forward, I will be able to provide people with quality products that make science more accessible. Through this, I hope to share an endless supply of curiosity and an appreciation for beauty in the building blocks of ordinary things.

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  1. Ariele Faber says:

    Thank you all so much for your Cerebella Design support! Our website is now launched! Check it out here: http://www.cerebelladesign.com

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