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Ian Burgin (‘08) was a recent alum, incredible craftsman, and an active member of the Middlebury College outdoors community. He worked hard to preserve and repair the Worth Mountain Lodge while he was at Middlebury, and saw it as a place where students could get out into the beautiful environment of the Green Mountains to escape the institutional setting and the pressure of classes. Everyone who knew Ian remembers his love of the outdoors and his passion for activities like skiing, camping, kayaking, fishing, and hunting. We hope that this cabin can honor Ian’s work at the Worth Mountain Lodge and his passion for the outdoors by providing a space that encourages Middlebury College students and community members alike to enjoy the beauty of Vermont in all of its seasons. As avid outdoors people and design/build veterans ourselves, the opportunity to shape such a space and see it come into a beautiful and lasting reality keeps us up at night pouring over precedents, sketching, and remembering what made the cabins, huts, and sheds of our lives special.

We’ve already completed one round of fundraising, and now we need your help to complete phase two and make this cabin a reality. For more information and recent project updates please visit the project website.

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Deadline: Feb 15, 2016
Total needed: $18,120






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