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Our small group of Middlebury students will be working alongside local community members in El Porvenir, Honduras to build a bathroom for a family who doesn’t have one, and restore an elementary school playground.

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Funding Details

Deadline: Jun 30, 2018
Total needed: $5,000


Lila Sternberg-Sher 2021.5, Philadelphia, PA, Undeclared

Yamit Netter-Sweet 2021.5, Philadelphia, PA Undeclared

Kendal Pittman 2021.5, Leverett, MA, Undeclared

Sky Heller 2021, Cambridge, MA, Undeclared

Zoe Osborne





Project Objective: 

Over our gap semester, we (Lila and Yamit) traveled to Honduras to volunteer with Honduras Child Alliance. Honduras Child Alliance (HCA) is a small non-profit organization located in the northern coastal town of El Porvenir. During our four months with Honduras Child Alliance, we taught English immersion, Spanish literacy, and computer skills, as well as other subjects to over a hundred kids ages 6-12. We also met adult community members via our participation in teaching nightly adult English classes. We immersed ourselves in Honduran culture and worked alongside other volunteers from all over the world, including Israel, Australia, Scotland, and Germany. Working with HCA allowed us to have an incredible cross-cultural experience that impacted both the local Honduran community and ourselves in many positive ways.

In our upcoming trip to Honduras, we will work as a Middlebury team alongside our HCA co-volunteers and a group of local Hondurans to build a bathroom and some playground equipment. Many people in El Porvenir, and all around the world, suffer from major health problems due to the lack of hygiene resources. Helping families build their own bathrooms will decrease potential health issues and improve the overall living conditions for the family. In addition, building a playground at the local public school would allow our students, who come from backgrounds of poverty, to enjoy themselves through safe recreational play and have another incentive to attend school each day.

How will MiddSTART help you achieve your fundraising goals?: 

The materials for these two projects will cost anywhere from $1,500-$2000. In addition, we will need to pay ~$5,200 for flights, accommodations, food, and other transportation for the entire group. We hope to fundraise as much of this as possible and we appreciate any size donation.

What is the inspiration for your project!: 

The moment that we (Lila and Yamit) landed in the U.S. after our four months in El Porvenir, Honduras, we were already anxious to go back. We created so many strong bonds with the kids we worked with, teenagers from the town, other members of the community, and our co-volunteers. When we found out that there was an opportunity to bring members of the Middlebury community to this place that meant so much to us, we were ecstatic. We immediately began searching for people who had the same passions and interests as we did. We are so thankful to have such a great group of students who are willing to work closely with the community that has become our second home. Many of the kids we worked with had a profound impact on our lives and we are excited to have the opportunity to give back.

Project Cost: 

We have already received $2000 from Middlebury College’s Center for Community Engagement, so we are hoping to raise $5,200 to cover the rest of the cost of the trip.

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  1. Deborah Cooper says:

    I will commit $40


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