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Beauty Vbyz is a mobile application that aims to be the bridge between black women (as well as other women of color) and finding a hairstylist that’s right for them. Finding a hairstylist involves oral recommendations and a lot of guesswork. Through these pathways, women run the risk of having a bad hair experience and damaging their hair.

Black women and other women of color invest a lot of money in their hair to look and feel their best. They deserve the opportunity to have the style that they want and find the most affordable price for their budget. By giving agency and transparency to clients, Beauty Vbyz eliminates the stress and unpredictability of finding a hairstylist that can handle their coily, curly and texturized hair. Additionally, this app is a useful platform for hairstylists to be able to promote their business.

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Dollars Raised: 5%

Funding Details

Deadline: May 07, 2018
Total needed: $3,500


Ashley Rose Simons is a current senior Psychology major from Cambria Heights, NY. 



Project Description: 

Black women and other women of color often have a difficult time finding someone that is able to handle their hair type in their areas, especially when traveling to new places or living in suburban or rural areas. On top of that, you want to be able to find a top rated hair stylist. That’s where Beauty Vbyz comes in. This app aims to provide that connection between client and hair stylist in order to cut out the inconvenience of searching for hair stylist on your own. Clients will not only be able to see the services the hair stylist specializes in, but they will also be able to see their rating and reviews by previous clients.

Project Objection: 

The objective of this project is to provide a useful tool for black women and other women of color to look and feel like their best selves by connecting them to a hair stylist that is right for them and can handle their unique coily, curly, and texturized hair.

How will MiddSTART Help you Achieve your Fundraising Goal: 

MiddSTART funding will help me with the initial startup costs.

What is the Inspiration for your Project?: 

This idea was formed after I went through the dreaded experience that so many other black women have encountered far too often; my favorite hair stylist moving to another state. As someone who doesn’t have the time or patience to deal with my thick, coily head, I started thinking about where I would go next to get my hair done. Fortunately, the area I grew up in has a lot of hair stylists that specialize in natural hairstyles. However, there is still a huge fear of going to someone who uses the wrong products in your hair, gives you a big cut instead of a trim, or just simply doesn’t give you a good hairstyle the way you expected it to be. I know countless people that have suffered from bad experiences in the past with hair stylists. I thought to myself that it shouldn’t be this nerve-wracking and stressful, just to find the right hair stylist. It brought me back to my experiences in Vermont as an undergraduate student where there are very few hair stylists that specialize in curly, coily and textured hair. What if there was a stylist that specialized in my type of hair that was closer to me and I didn’t know about it? Then the idea to build an app materialized. After conducting extensive research, I quickly realized that this tool would be extremely useful for women of color, particularly black women.

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