A network of microphilanthropy that supports Middlebury students.


MiddSTART connects our people to our passions. It helps students to find the funding they need to explore their interests through creative, entrepreneurial, and innovative projects, and it enables alumni and friends of the College to combine a number of gifts to support a project that particularly appeals to them.

In order to be posted on the MiddSTART page, a project has to be initiated, designed, and carried out entirely by students. Students who are looking for funding have to submit an application that is carefully reviewed by the Programs for Creativity and Innovation and College Advancement. Projects are judged on their goals, their creative or entrepreneurial merits, and the level of organization and commitment demonstrated by the student or team of students.

You’ll be able to follow the progress of any project by signing up for regular updates or by visiting the MiddSTART site, selecting the project that appeals to you, and viewing the updates and comments posted by the students managing the project or by other people who are interested in it. You can also make a comment yourself or ask the students questions. Ultimately, our goal is to create closer and more productive relationships between students and the people supporting their projects—to make them partners in enterprises of mutual interest. In the process, we hope, we’ll be building a stronger Middlebury community and a better world.

Fund a Student’s Education


There is another way you can connect with students through MiddSTART: help to fund a MiddSTART scholarship. This is a great way for alumni to come together to enable a student to attend Middlebury. The minimum amount for a scholarship to be funded is $10,000. When you reach that goal, your scholarship will be assigned to a specific student, and you will receive information about that student. Class agents, reunion volunteers, or groups of friends can apply to create a MiddSTART scholarship.

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